GM CFO Drives Two Extremely Different and Powerful GM Products

One of the best ways for executives to show brand loyalty is to use their company’s products. GM CFO Paul Jacobson has two cool GM products in his divided garage.

If you were to create dichotomy in a garage it would be with a high-powered gas-guzzler on one size and an EV on the other. This is precisely what Paul Jacobson has in his garage. On one side sits a GMC Hummer EV, which he bought at full MSRP, and on the other side is where a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 resides.

Nothing small about these two vehicles

When the goal is to hit 60 mph in less than four seconds, Paul has two vehicles that can do just that sitting in his garage. The massive Hummer EV can reach this target in only three seconds, which is one of the most alluring factors of this big electric truck. The Camaro ZL1 is no slouch either. This incredible muscle car makes use of a 650 horsepower V8 engine to rocket the car to the desired speed in only 3.5 seconds. Both of these machines are amazing examples of what GM offers.

Should the GM CFO have such vehicles in his garage?

Its not really for us to decide whether or not these vehicles should be in Jacobson’s garage; these are the vehicles he chose to enjoy some fun driving when he needs a break from his high-stress, high-profile job. Paul has been leading companies through rough and interesting times for more than twenty years. Before becoming the GM CFO on December 1, 2020, Jacobson was with Delta; a job that began in 1997. This means he saw Delta Airlines through several challenges before joining GM. With the stress of his job, he should certainly have these impressive GM vehicles in his garage.

What does the Chevy Camaro ZL1 include?

The ZL1 trim is the best Camaro you can buy. This car brings peak performance with a supercharged V8 engine and has all the bells and whistles Chevrolet can throw at it. You’ll find Recaro performance seats, an electronic limited-slip differential, a dual-mode exhaust, and an aggressive appearance package. The only major upgrade for this trim is the 1LE track package which ads more performance items to the mix to make this car a track monster. This is the Camaro that turned heads at Nürburgring and it’s one of the most incredible muscle cars on the planet.

The GMC Hummer EV offers some really cool features

By now, you’ve heard of the GMC Hummer EV. This high-powered electric pickup truck tops the charts with amazing features and tons of power. Speaking of tons, the Hummer EV tips the scales at 9,000 pounds, which makes the amazing sprint time even more unlikely than it already is. Here are some of the cool features found in this incredible EV pickup:

Infinity Roof

The Infinity Roof has removable panels to allow an open-air feeling while driving. This is a great item that makes this GMC truck even more of an off-road monster with the fun offered. We’re kind of wondering of the GM CFO has ever taken his Infinity Roof off to enjoy some fun in the sun.

Super Cruise

First featured in Cadillac products, Super Cruise is GM’s hand’s free, semi-autonomous driving system that can handle the driving for you on more than 400,000 miles of North American highways. This feature allows you to relax and enjoy the ride, but still requires you to stay alert.


You can’t go over some obstacles, even in the high off the ground GMC Hummer EV. The CrabWalk feature allows you to drive this truck around obstacles in a diagonal direction using the 4-wheel steering system. This makes off-road driving much easier.

Watts to Freedom

When the GM CFO wants to hit that three-second sprint time, the Watts to Freedom feature helps make that happen. This is the GMC version of launch control to rocket this big truck off the line in a hurry.


This optional system uses 18 camera views to show you everything around the truck. It even shows you what’s going on underneath, making parking and trail-riding much easier. The various views can be seen on your infotainment screen.

While GM is working toward its EV future and investing in the development of small-block V8 engines its easy to say that Paul Jacobson is a company man. With an EV and a muscle car in the garage, he’s got a little of both worlds.

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