Paul Walker Driven Fast and Furious Skyline Sets Record at Auction

The blue R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R driven by Paul Walker in the 2009 installment of Fast and Furious just topped Nissan record books at auction.

Although this Skyline has links to the now-deceased Walker and the extremely popular movie series, it was never owned by the actor. This car did, however, include features, design elements, and performance bits that were requested by Walker. When the final hammer dropped, and the auctioneer announced the sale of this car, the price was $1.18 million USD, which makes it the highest confirmed sale price for a Skyline GT-R. That’s an incredible feat.

Which movie features this blue Nissan?

It wasn’t until the fourth Fast and Furious movie that we saw this Skyline that wore the Paul Walker stamp of approval. The movie, simply titled Fast and Furious, showcased this car racing against a BMW M5 and Nissan Silvia on the big screen. This R34 is only one example of a car that was highly desirable in the tuning market, but this model enjoyed a bit of a checkered run through the movie and beyond. Strangely, this Skyline brought in more than double what the orange Supra from the same movie brought at auction. This is certainly a bit of a mystery.

Was this car actually driven in the United States?

The R34 Skyline that sold at auction is a 2000 model-year version of the car. Strangely, the movie company didn’t stick to filming this car in Japan but instead found a little trouble when the car got imported to the United States for the 2009 movie. The R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R is one of the many foreign cars that requires a 25-year waiting period to be imported to the United States. The tuning company used by the movie franchise found a way around this problem.

When filming the Fast and Furious movie series, it’s important that many of the cars be actual tuning models that street racers would want to drive. This particular Skyline is one of the most popular and sought-after. The tuning company, Kaizo Industries, imported this car, and others like it without engines. They then refit the cars with the RB26 engines and titled them as kit cars to get around the 25-year import rule. This didn’t work for the high-priced Nissan, and it was impounded by customs officials after the filming conclude. Thankfully, it was released and exported to Europe, where it’s never been registered.

What upgrades are part of this special Skyline?

The impressive blue R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R has several upgrades and impressive features to make it a special car, even if Walker hadn’t driven it on the big screen. This car has a large front-mounted intercooler, a Nismo exhaust, and enough boost to give it 550 horsepower.

The style and beauty of this car shine through because Paul Walker requested this car be left unadorned by stickers to showcase the car. This was certainly something unique for the movie series, where most cars wear lots of stickers and badges.

This car also has a new hood, Nismo bumper, and side skirts. Another Walker touch is the rear fog light which were changed from red to white lenses, giving this car a bit more character.

Very few JDM cars ever hit the price of this Skyline

The sale of this car makes it only one of very few cars from Japan to cross the million-dollar mark. The most expensive Japanese car ever sold was a Toyota 2000GT that it $2.54 million in 2022, but it had a link to the venerable Carroll Shelby. Other high-priced cars include the first 2017 Acura NSX, which went for $1.19 million in 2016, and the first Toyota GR Supra, which sold for $2.1 million.

The blue Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R is the most expensive Nissan ever officially sold at auction. This car’s price eclipsed the previous record held by a Nismo 400R that sold for $1.01 million USD earlier this year and the Italdesign GT-R50, which sold for $1.1 million. These prices come close to this Skyline but don’t quite reach its level.

The final sale price of this movie-driven Skyline shows us that being part of a successful movie franchise can bring a high price tag. Part of the added price could also be that this car was driven by Paul Walker during the movie. It’s possible this Nissan could make its way back to the United States after the 25-year waiting period or under the Show and Display rules.

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