Does Your GMC Have Super Cruise?

It’s the future of driving. Letting your vehicle take over most of the responsibilities, from
steering to acceleration and braking. GMC has the Super Cruise system to make your next drive
more convenient with its cutting-edge technology. But does your GMC have it? What models
offer it, and how do you know what vehicles you see at GMC dealers have it? Take a look, we’ll
tell you how you can find out.

What Exactly Is Super Cruise?

GMC’s Super Cruise is a hands-free driver assistance system. It uses cameras and sensors along
with GPS, LiDAR map data, and other advanced driving systems that allow you to take your
hands off the wheel and let the GMC take over the driving. It works on a select number of
divided highways that encompass thousands of miles of road. Head to these roads and your
vehicle can take the stress out of navigating to your destination.

Super Cruise is a Level 2 autonomous driving system. This means it is a driver-assist system and
not completely autonomous. When using Super Cruise, drivers need to stay alert and keep their
eyes on the road, or the system will stop working.

What Vehicles Offer Super Cruise?

The best place to start when determining if your vehicle has Super Cruise is choosing one that
offers it. The 2022-2023 GMC Hummer EV pickup truck, 2022-2023 Sierra 1500 pickup truck, as
long as you have the Denali or Denali Ultimate trims, and the 2023 GMC Yukon Denali and
Denali Ultimate all offer the technology.

How Can You Tell if You’re Equipped with Super Cruise?

It’s easy to check if your new or used GMC has Super Cruise. Just take a look at the steering
wheel. When the adaptive cruise control system is activated, and you have Super Cruise, you’ll
see a thin green LED on the upper area of the steering wheel. You can’t miss it. When this light
is on, you’ll also know that you’re on a road where it’s safe to use.

Another way you can tell if you have Super Cruise is the vehicle’s manual. It will have a section
about the system and instructions on how to use it. Still have questions? GMC dealers can be
your go-to for answers.

How Does it Work?

In order for you to allow your GMC to take over the driving, you’ll need to make sure the
adaptive cruise control is on, and the forward collision system is on and set for Alert and Brake.
Teen Driver must be off. GMC models equipped with Super Cruise come with three years of the
GMC Connected Services Plan, but after the three years, you’ll need to subscribe in order to
keep using it. When the system indicates it’s safe to use, just press the Super Cruise button on
the steering wheel. When it illuminates green, you know you can remove your hands from the
wheel. To disengage the system, just press the Super Cruise button again.

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