2023 Kia EV6: An All-Electric SUV with Impressive Features and Comfort

The 2023 Kia EV6 is one of the first all-electric vehicles from the Kia brand, giving us an impressive new SUV to drive and enjoy.

The EV6 is an interesting vehicle that just might surprise you. What makes this electric SUV tick? Does it have the right driving range? Does this Kia offer the driving characteristics you want when you hit the road? This electric Kia has us talking about what it brings and how it could become the ideal vehicle for you and your small family. Let’s take a look at what this impressive five-seater has to offer that you might not realize.

The EV6 is bigger than you think

The seats found inside this Kia EV are lifted off the ground enough to offer room for tall adults to fit in the rear seats. Kia utilized the spacious benefits of an EV by making the cabin larger and longer than you would expect to find in a vehicle of this size. You’ll be comfortable, and your passengers will all enjoy plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the ride. The rear design is a bit polarizing but offers plenty of room for your cargo.

The dashboard is filled with excellent tech items

The first impression of the Kia EV6 dashboard is its similarities to what Tesla offers, creating a tech-rich environment. The gauge cluster might take some getting used to, but the head-up display is excellent. You’ll find a simple display of information, and when turn signals are engaged, the side cameras display anything that might be in your path. The HVAC system is also digitized but separated, which makes it a bit more useful than a system with climate controls in the infotainment system.

Kia should have made charging easier

The EV6 can charge from 10 to 80 percent in only 18 minutes, which adds 210 miles of range to the battery pack. This charging is done via Level 3 DC Fast Charging, not an at-home Level 1 or Level 2 charging station. For drivers that choose the EV6 as their first electric vehicle, an at-home charger and charging cable must be added to the mix to ensure these drivers can enjoy charging their vehicles at home.

Kia almost forget to add a frunk

The Kia EV6 is the first all-electric Kia EV built in a dedicated platform, which means the traditional engine area was already dedicated to other parts of the vehicle. Still, there was room for a small frunk, which is not much bigger than a glovebox. This is still a useful place for some emergency supplies and items you don’t expect to need during your daily drive. You could fit a small backpack or your purse in this frunk, provided you carry a relatively small backpack or purse.

The AWD version brings the tun

If you want to enjoy some fun in your Kia EV, choose the AWD version of this vehicle and let it take you where you want to go. This model brings you impressive acceleration and added control of power at all four wheels. When fun is on your mind, the AWD model of this electric SUV could be exactly what you want to enjoy during your time behind the wheel. If you really want to turn things up to the max, choose the Kia EV6 GT and enjoy some serious speed.

Kia put things where they can be easily used

The rear USB-C charging ports are located on the sides of the front seats to make them easier to use when getting in and out of the car. The gear shifter is a dial, which can be hard to understand, but it’s a space-saving feature. There’s a large Qi charging pad on the center console, which is easy to find and use, making it much easier to charge your phone during your drive. If you need AC power, a 110V outlet is on the front of the second-row seat base, giving your rear passenger easy access.

The Kia EV6 can charge some items at home or on the go

Like many other EVs, this Kia can be used as a power supply for some of your home appliances in an emergency power outage. Also, if you love to go camping but you want some mobile entertainment capabilities, you could set up a movie night at your campground and have a lot of fun. This could be one of the most useful aspects of this Kia electric SUV.

Is the 2023 Kia EV6 the right first or new EV for you? It just might surprise you.

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