Ever Wanted to See in the Dark? With the New Night Vision Function in the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe You Can

Of all the features included in the newest model of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe, nobody expected one of them to be the vehicle equivalent of night vision goggles. Yet here we are. How does the feature work, what is its main purpose, what limitations does it have, and when and where can you find one at your local Jeep dealer?

All questions we aim to provide answers to – you’ll know everything you need to about the newest, most interesting feature in the Jeep lineup and be ready to test-drive your own Jeep Grand Cherokee when you’re done reading.

How Does it Work?

The night vision in the Jeep Grand Cherokee is technically more like infrared vision—a camera at the front of the vehicle uses thermographic technology to monitor the area in front of you up to 328 feet.

By measuring the difference in heat of objects in the camera view, an image can be displayed. Cold inanimate objects are darker, while people, animals, and heated inanimate objects are brighter. Animals and people are highlighted by red or yellow boxes (depending on the potential threat of
collision), and audio/visual alerts can be enabled to provide an extra warning about pedestrians and animals crossing your path on the road.

Jeep Night Vision - Grand Cherokee 4xe

What You Can Use It For?

The obvious use for Jeep Night Vision is as a warning system for when it’s dark—a way to keep track of things that could cross your path and cause a crash. Since it also works during the day, it also acts as an additional passive driver assistance alert feature. To learn more about what the night vision feature can do, check with your local Jeep dealer.

What Limitations Does Jeep Night Vision Have?

There are some unfortunate limits to the technology that need to be kept in mind. First of all, it doesn’t work in temperatures above 86 degrees Fahrenheit since it relies on heat signatures, and it’s also prone to a camera’s usual visibility problems in bad weather. It’s also only able to detect living beings of a certain size: above four feet for a person and above three for a four-legged animal. Large groups can cause issues, and objects moving too quickly—such as cyclists—may not appear on the video feed.

The technology is definitely still a work in progress – hopefully, some of these kinks will be worked out soon.

Where Can You Get Your Own Night Vision Equipped Jeep?

Night vision is an available feature on the Grand Cherokee, Grand Cherokee L, Wagoneer, and Grand Wagoneer. You can find a model equipped with it at any Jeep dealer that carries the models, or you can check Jeep’s website directly to custom order your own.

So if you want to experience how the night vision camera works for yourself or get a Jeep model that has this amazing new technology equipped, head to your local Jeep dealer’s showroom today!

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