When Will the Toyota 4Runner Be Updated?

Toyota has been on an upgrading spree lately, which puts the 4Runner in the crosshairs as the next SUV to receive the new Toyota treatments.

First it was the Tundra, then the Sequoia, and soon the Tacoma. Toyota has been upgrading its large vehicle lineup with new hybrid powertrains, twin-turbocharged V6 engines, and shuttling the V8 engine and old-school ways. Although the 4Runner has been admired for its old-school charm and impressive features, this midsize SUV is next on the list for the Toyota upgrades. We expect to see this new model arrive as part of the 2025 mole year, giving us a brand-new model.

The Current 4Runner Has Lost Its Appeal

Although many still admire the 4Runner as a fantastic, hardcore off-road SUV, the appeal of a single-focus is mostly gone in the automotive world. Even the latest Jeep Wrangler includes features that make it more comfortable to drive on a paved road. The 4Runner could continue on with its body-on-frame build to be useful on the trails, but it should also bring improved powertrains and better tech to be more efficient, useful, and comfortable when its between the lines or on a city street.

Do We Buy Dinosaurs?

The Toyota 4Runner has been called the dinosaur of the midsize SUV world. Although it brings and old-school build and antiquated powertrain, more than 120,000 4Runners were sold last year. Strangely, this was a big decline compared to 2021, which might be a little shocking. This means the answer to the question is “yes,” we buy dinosaurs, but an upgraded and improved model is necessary for the 4Runner to survive into the next phase of the automotive industry. We should expect the 2025 model to bring similar qualities as what’s coming in the new 2024 Tacoma.

A Shared Platform Provides the Proof

The next generation of the 4Runner will be built on the same TNGA-F platform that’s used for the Tundra, Sequoia, and Tacoma. This platform is becoming the global architecture used by Toyota for new models. While this isn’t new information, what makes it unique is the change from the lumbering naturally aspirated V8 and V6 engines to twin-turbocharged powertrains that offer more power, efficiency, and lighter engines.

The new 2025 4Runner should offer a small 2.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine as the base powertrain. Currently, we see this engine in the Lexus NX 350 where it brings 275 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque to the mix. This could be ample power for the new Toyota 4Runner, but an upgraded powertrain makes things even better.

Another expectation of this new Toyota SUV is a smaller version of the i-Force Max powertrain found in the Tundra and Sequoia. There could also be a third option with an i-Force Max Hybrid powertrain that could make as much as 340 horsepower. This hybrid powertrain might be the same as the one found in the Toyota Crown. Toyota continues to add hybrid powertrains to every new model, giving us better efficiency and more power.

What Else Should the New 4Runner Offer?

Although significant powertrain changes are certainly noteworthy, other upgrades are also expected for the new Toyota 4Runner. This new Toyota SUV should also include a new suspension build, a new transmission, and offer improved off-road performance. Once it arrives, many 4Runner owners might wonder why this SUV stuck with the old-school ways for so long. Of course, some might also lament the loss of the traditional driving qualities and roughness of the 4Runner; but its nearly impossible to please everyone. Overall, the new 4Runner takes some giant leaps forward for the future.

Will the 4Runner Go Electric?

A new electrified 4Runner isn’t expected for the 2025 model year, but it might not be long after when an all-electric version is offered. Although Toyota has been slow to enter the EV market, the company also recently announced a breakthrough in solid-state battery technology that could bring an electrified Toyota lineup to the market as soon as 2027. This means the new hybrid and turbocharged 4Runner lineup will only be offered for a couple of years before an EV model might arrive at dealerships.

If you’re wondering when the new Toyota 4Runner would arrive, you’ve got the answer. This off-road SUV is scheduled to enter a new generation in 2025 and be an upgraded model with better efficiency, smoother driving dynamics, and a hybrid powertrain while still maintaining excellent off-road features.

Will you drive the new 4Runner when it arrives?

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