The Future of Dodge Muscle Cars

Dodge dealerships might look very different in the future. The signs are conflicting right now. On one hand, the 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 was released earlier this year with an incredible 1,025 horsepower.

CEO Tim Kuniskis discussed an upcoming Dodge EV muscle car in the works as well. But industry experts are still wondering what the future holds for the Dodge brand.

Dodge EV Muscle Cars

Earlier this year, Kuniskis let on that another Dodge EV muscle car might be revealed later. He specifically addressed the future of the Dodge brand by saying that while everyone else is working on EV models, Dodge is going to use the technology to make faster muscle cars. He even went as far as to say that efficiency isn’t the goal, but speed is.

He also addressed the new Charger Daytona, saying that it would redefine American muscle cars. Right now, Dodge only has four cars to its name, the Hornet, Durango, Charger, and Challenger. The latter two cars will be disappearing as we know them after 2023. However, Dodge is expected to follow up both models with EV versions by next summer.

Right now, the Dodge Hornet comes in two forms: gas and a plug-in hybrid. By the summer of next year, the two-door Charger will go into production first, followed by a four-door layout at some later point.

Uncertain Future

Despite these plans and the gap between the end of the Dodge muscle cars and their EV replacements, many people think that the Dodge brand may be phased out entirely in the future. Right now, Dodge dealerships only have a handful of models to offer, and the Hornet is more or less a rebranded Alfa Romeo Tonale.

The plans for new EV muscle cars even seem a bit strange considering that Stellantis has done away with the Chrysler Street and Racing Technology division. It’s simply not clear right now how long the Dodge brand will stick around if Stellantis continues its move toward mostly EV models and crossovers.

The EV Muscle Car Talk Continues

Even though industry analysts seem uncertain about where the Dodge brand is heading, representatives of the brand can’t stop talking about what they’ll do with an EV muscle car. Just last year, Dodge discussed keeping the muscle car spirit alive in the EV era by mimicking loud engine sounds and the feeling of shifting gears.

Whether this will be enough to keep muscle car enthusiasts on board remains to be seen. To be clear, Dodge isn’t the only brand fighting to keep the muscle car spirit alive. Similar to what Chevrolet did with the new EV Corvette, it seems that Dodge will take advantage of EV technology to make their cars even faster than standard gas versions rather than make an efficient or “politically correct” car as Kuniskis put it.

However the future goes for Dodge muscle cars, you can expect that Dodge dealerships will be ready to provide buyers with the latest information.

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