Ugliest Cars for Sale in 2023

Some cars, like puppies, are loved for their ugly appearance. If you’re looking less appealing style, these are the ugliest cars of 2023.

Often, cars deemed ugly or polarizing (which is simply a nice word for ugly) end up being discontinued because they lack universal appeal in the market. Today, we see fewer ugly cars in the market, but that doesn’t mean some aren’t hitting those marks with shapes and styling that make us question the designers and wonder how the car made it past the idea phase.

Here are seven of the ugliest cars for sale in 2023.

Jeep Renegade

The Renegade doesn’t look like any other Jeep in the lineup and lacks the universal appeal we associate with the brand and the models offered. Looking at the Jeep Renegade could make many people think of a cartoonish vehicle that should be driving around in Looney Tune Land, not on public roads in the real world. Many might think of the Jeep Renegade as a rebadged Fiat 500X, which has a bit more appeal. While somewhat cute, the Renegade isn’t tough, and it can be considered ugly.

Hyundai Santa Cruz

What do you get when you cross the Hyundai Tucson with a pickup truck? The answer is the Santa Cruz. This is easily one of the ugliest cars offered in 2023, making it hard to look at from some angles. Thankfully, the appeal of the Santa Cruz isn’t found in its styling but in its function and capability. For the most part, this compact truck looks like an elongated Tucson with a truck bed attached to the rear.

Kia Soul

Of all the toaster-shaped vehicles that came into the market, the Kia Soul is the only one that has survived into modern times. In fact, the Soul is popular enough that Kia developed, and electric version of this little vehicle. Is it a hatchback? Is it an SUV? Why is it so ugly? Some might look at the Soul and think of the style as fun and funky, but it’s easily on the ugly side of things, giving us a small, boxy car that could be one of the best options for budget-conscious drivers.

Nissan Kicks

Although the Nissan Kicks is among the ugliest cars for sale in 2023, this compact SUV is much more appealing than previous Nissan entries into this class, which were the Cube and Juke. This tiny four-door crossover is pretty ugly, but it could be a good choice for many drivers who want a small and affordable SUV to take them where they need to go. The Kicks is still ugly, but it could be the SUV that some want to enjoy during a daily commute.

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

Why did luxury automakers begin to build coupe-style SUVs? These vehicles just don’t look right and end up on the list of ugly models because of this polarizing feature. The GLC Coupe is the least ugly of the four models that fit in this category. Although we know them as coupe-style SUVs, automakers attempt to reclassify them as something other than SUVs, but without much luck. Maybe it’s time for Mercedes-Benz to realize they’ve created a sporty-looking SUV that lacks the utility part of the equation.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

Electric vehicles have evolved from using traditional body styles with regular grilles, and exactly the same body features as gas-powered cars to specific styling. Typically, EVs are easy to spot with a front end without a grille. The Chevy Bolt EV has to be one of the ugliest cars on sale today, but it’s not made for its looks. This little EV is made to be one of the most affordable electric vehicles in the entire market, providing an excellent basis for Chevy from which to build its EV lineup. Still, it’s hard to get away from the ugliness that is the Bolt.


The BMW X6 looks like a vehicle that is half-baked between being a large sedan and an SUV. It’s classified as a coupe-style SUV and sits up higher than BMW sedans but it lacks the basic functions and form of most SUVs. Is the X6 a “sports activity coupe?” It’s not really even suitable as this type of vehicle. At some point, the X6 needs to be properly categorized, but it might be better if BMW simply stopped making this ugly thing.

These are seven of the ugliest cars on sale in 2023. Do any of them appeal to you? Maybe you’ve got one or more of them in your driveway right now.

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