The Importance of Regular Maintenance and Why You Should Have it Done at Your Local Dealership

Regular maintenance is important to keep your car running well for a long time. Basic maintenance usually includes things like checking fluids, changing the engine oil, changing the air filter, and other tasks. Almost all car dealerships have a service department that can do these tasks for you. Let’s take a look at why your local dealership might be the best place to keep your car maintained.

Car Dealerships Aren’t As Busy

Because many people tend to visit regular mechanics or lube shops when they need their oil changed or various maintenance tasks performed, your local car dealership is not likely to be as busy. Car dealership service departments are also larger and can usually get through jobs quickly. They don’t often get emergency or big repairs, so you can generally get in and out fast for maintenance jobs.

Car dealerships generally always have loaner vehicles available as well, so you won’t be without a car while your car gets serviced. In a similar vein, car dealership waiting rooms tend to be much larger and nicer than a regular mechanic shop.

Car Dealerships Employ Certified Experts

One big benefit of taking your late-model car to the relevant brand dealership is that the technicians there will know all the ins and outs of your vehicle. They get updates and service bulletins on a regular basis. They also see vehicles of a particular brand often so they tend to know the quirks and problems.

The other big difference between car dealerships and regular mechanic shops is that dealerships have all the latest diagnostic equipment. This is important for late-model cars that often have random electronics issues. A regular mechanic shop doesn’t always have all the diagnostic equipment available for advanced late-model cars.

Warranty Work

If you have a new car or a CPO car, chances are it’s under warranty. You may even have additional warranty coverage from the dealership where you bought it. This makes servicing your car at a car dealership an easy choice. Your dealership service department will install only OEM parts designed for your vehicle. Many times these parts come with lifetime warranties as well.

When you decide to sell your car, you can show any prospective buyer the meticulous records of dealership service on your car. This tends to look more appealing than maintenance and repair records from random mechanic shops.

High-End Cars

There are many reasons to visit a dealership for maintenance work, but it’s often even more important if you own a high-end import model. Unless you can find a mechanic that specializes in these types of cars, you likely won’t get much help taking it anywhere but the dealership. As mentioned above, car dealerships are prepared and equipped to deal with the models and makes that they sell.

Modern cars are designed to last a long time with regular maintenance. It simply makes sense to get your car serviced by a place that is familiar with your make and model and stocks genuine parts from the manufacturer.

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