GMC and Chevy PHEVs Coming Soon

GM is working hard to get new PHEV models out at Chevy and GMC dealerships nationwide. A full-size EV van and a rival for the Ford Maverick have both been scrapped, but GM still hopes to get a PHEV Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra to market. GM originally wanted to commit to full EV pickups, but documented problems with towing and hauling have made them unattractive to traditional truck buyers.

Change of Plans

The change of plans by the automaker has created an uncertain future for Factory Zero in Detroit. Factory Zero was recently revamped to ramp up production for EV models like the GMC Hummer. It was expected to go into full swing producing a line of GM Ultium electric trucks, but now GM has embarked on a rushed program to get plug-in hybrid versions of the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra ready for sale.

Meanwhile, GM’s main rival Ford has been touting its new F-150 hybrid and Maverick hybrid that are already in production. GM also originally planned to produce an electric van model to replace its Chevy Express and GMC Savana models, but has since canceled those plans. The vans are two of the oldest models in the GM lineup with basic designs dating back to 1971. The last significant update was in 2003.

Another vehicle not coming to your GMC dealership anytime soon is a compact EV pickup designed to take on the Maverick. Similarly, Nissan has scrapped plans for a compact EV pickup that would have slotted below the Frontier.

EV Pickups Hard Sell to Truck Buyers

It’s no secret that there are significant problems for EV pickups in towing and hauling the amount of weight that traditional truck buyers expect. Unfortunately, this has made them a hard sell across the board. When buying a full-size pickup, most truck buyers expect a certain towing and hauling capacity. While there are arguably some buyers who don’t buy trucks for this reason, they are largely the minority.

This has lowered the value of the EV truck to consumers. Even Ford has said that it will concentrate on producing smaller EV models in the future. Right now, Ford’s flagship EV models are costly to make. The Lightning uses the ICE F-150 platform and the Mach-e uses a single-model platform. Ford has already lost $4.7 billion on EV models since the beginning of 2023.

Because of that, Ford has scrapped its own plans to make EV versions of the Bronco and Maverick, at least until around 2030. The only exception to these scrapped EV truck plans is the Tesla Cybertruck, but it seems obvious this model appeals more to Tesla fans than regular truck buyers.

Early Adopters Fading

The other problem is that the EV early adopters have faded strongly in recent months. In other words, most of the buyers who wanted an EV already have one. There are some outliers like Tesla and Rivian, but both of these automakers have a dedicated fanbase that isn’t exactly the traditional truck buyer or even car buyer. Ford saw its Lightning sales rise 54.7% last year, but sales this year will better clarify the picture.

Currently, the EV picture across the board is looking rather hazy, but that’s especially true for the EV truck market.


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