Should You Buy a New or Used Mazda Miata?

The Pros and Cons of Each Buying Strategy

Buying a Mazda Miata is exciting, whether it’s new or used. Instead of focusing on the merits of one buying strategy over the other, this article will discuss the pros and cons of each so drivers can make up their minds.

There are good reasons that the Mazda Miata remains one of America’s most popular sports cars after decades of production. These two-seaters are fast, fun to drive, and packed with personality.

For most drivers, the question isn’t whether it’s worth investing in a Mazda Miata. It’s whether to buy one new or save some money by purchasing a used model.

Buying New Maximizes Options

For drivers who don’t have to worry about strict budgets, buying a new Mazda Miata means accessing the full range of options available. From the entry-level Miata Sport to the line-topping Club RF, buyers will have plenty to choose from.

The Club model, just one up from the base-level Sport, is one of today’s most popular trim levels. The soft top model equipped with the optional Brembo/BBS/Recaro package presents arguably the best value for the money.

Here’s what’s nice about buying new, though. Drivers who want extra amenities can simply upgrade to a higher trim level. They don’t have to settle for the most popular options of the day just because they’re easier to find, which is often the case when buying used.

A Used Miata Provides More Bang for Your Buck

On average, cars are worth just half their original MSRP three years after their release dates. Buyers on strict budgets can leverage that fact to get a better deal and, somewhat paradoxically, more desirable features.

While drivers who don’t have to worry about sticking to a budget can afford to explore the Mazda Miata’s entire lineup, those on a budget will be more restricted when buying new. Purchasing a slightly older used Miata can open up options for upgrades.

For those not worried about getting all the extras that come with jumping up in trim levels, Buying a used entry-level Miata will still give drivers more bang for their buck.

There’s No Need to Worry About a New Car’s History

A Mazda Miata is a high-quality car that generally ages well. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the previous owner’s driving habits will be entirely irrelevant for those who buy used. If the old owner drove the car hard, it could still cause problems down the line.

When buying new, there’s no need to worry about the vehicle’s history. The owner will have complete control over everything from following the recommended maintenance schedule to driving smart to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Drivers who can’t afford a new Mazda Miata shouldn’t be discouraged. These sports cars aren’t just dependable. They’re also relatively inexpensive to maintain and repair, and because they’re so popular, it’s easy to find parts for used models.

New Or Used, You Can’t Beat a Mazda Miata

If you’re looking for an affordable yet high-quality sports car that’s as stylish as it is fun to drive, there’s no better option than the Mazda Miata. Whether they plan to buy a new or used Miata, drivers should take their time evaluating options and purchase their cars from reputable dealers.

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