Why Buick Discontinued the Encore But Kept the Encore GX

A used Buick Encore is your only option if you want Buick’s entry-level crossover in 2024. The Encore GX is still available, but Buick quietly discontinued the regular Encore with very little notice or fanfare. The Encore debuted in 2013 and went on to be a mainstay in the Buick lineup. So, why did Buick discontinue it and leave the GX? Let’s explore some reasons.

The Encore GX Usurped the Encore’s Role in the Lineup

The Buick Encore GX came out in the 2020 model year as a sibling of the Encore. It’s slightly larger than the regular Encore and was marketed as a more premium version with more cabin space and more options. Despite Buick marketing the Encore and Encore GX as separate models, the crossover appeal was obvious.

Both models slotted into the subcompact SUV segment and were priced competitively. The Encore GX has a slightly higher price tag, but it wasn’t that much more than the regular Encore. At some point, it also became obvious that the GX was taking sales away from the Encore.

Encore Sales Took a Dive

As mentioned above, the release of the Encore GX slowly made the regular Encore redundant. The first year the GX was on the market, the regular Encore sold 41,752 units, which doesn’t look bad until you realize that it sold 102,402 units the previous year. The GX sold 44,841 units in its first year.

The gap in sales between the two models widened in the next few years. In 2021, the GX sold 71,247 units, while the Encore sales dived to only 20,072. When popular models like the Encore get discontinued, poor sales are almost always the main reason. With the GX taking over the sales numbers, it was inevitable that the Encore would be shelved.

Did the Encore Have an Expiration Date?

It might look like the Encore’s diving sales were an unfortunate side effect of the Encore GX’s debut, but it’s possible that Buick actually intended for the Encore to expire at some point. Various sources point out that GM shifted priority to the GX when it came out and also streamlined the options for the Encore in its final years.

Ending the Encore allowed GM to shift its production resources to the Encore GX and the Chevy Trailblazer, which have both been top sellers for the automaker. In other words, it’s fair to assume that the Encore’s expiration date wasn’t accidental and that GM always intended to end it in favor of the GX.

Niche Filled

Whatever the exact reason is behind Buick discontinuing the Encore and keeping the Encore GX, the former model’s niche has already been filled by other models. The Encore GX is still going strong and has likely taken what would have been potential buyers for the Encore. There’s also the Buick Envista, which is a compact crossover that joined the Buick lineup in 2024.

On the other hand, the used Buick Encore likely presents a great deal on the preowned market.

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