Essential Tips for a Fun Family Road Trip This Summer

Do you have everything you need for your family road trip this summer? If you want to take a road trip with your kids, there are a few things you need.

It’s easy to head out on the road by yourself. All you need is some money and a reliable car. The same isn’t true when you have a family. Your kids expect to be provided for, and your spouse might need a few things as well. If you plan on a fun and active family road trip, you’ll want to grab a few items that will help you be prepared to enjoy your time on the road this summer.

Snacks! You’ve got to have snacks

Unless you want to pay convenience store prices for everything your kids eat, you’ll want to pack a cooler or trunk organizer with some wonderful snacks. You can put some healthy choices in the snack bag and make sure your kids have items they can enjoy but won’t make a huge mess in the car. If you want to let them enjoy a convenience store item here or there, that’s fine, but make sure you’ve got the good stuff in your snack bag.

Keep the kids busy

What will your kids do while you drive from one place to another? Most of the scenery around the highway is the same throughout most states. Your family road trip could be ruined if your bored children don’t have something to do, and staring at screens the whole time isn’t a good answer. Give them something they might not think of, such as books, car games, and age-appropriate music. If you engage with your kids while on the road, they won’t be nearly as bored.

Prepare an activity surface

If you have activities for your kids to enjoy while on the road, you need to give them somewhere to enjoy the things you brought for them. Use a small baking sheet with raised sides as a work surface for your kids. Add a small cup that fits in the car seat’s cupholder, and you’ve got a great place for your children to enjoy some great activities. You can give them some coloring books and washable markers they can enjoy while on the road trip.

Sticky is a good thing

You don’t want your kids eating sticky snacks and drinks during your family road trip, but toys that stick are great. When toys stick, using magnets and Velcro, they aren’t lost between the seats as much as toys without these sticky items. You want your kids to be able to enjoy the car ride. Make sure the games and toys are made for travel, which means they should come with magnets and Velcro to keep them above the seats where your kids can enjoy them.

Get your car serviced

One of the worst things that can happen to you when you’re out on the road is to get stranded. Take your car to your local mechanic for an oil change, fluid top-off, and wiper changes. It might be time for your tires to be rotated as well. Ask your mechanic to check your spare tire, which is often forgotten. This preventative maintenance appointment will help keep you safer while on the road, which means you shouldn’t get stranded.

Give the kids a great way to rest

Consider leaving on your family road trip either very early in the morning or around bedtime for your children. Putting a few hours of driving behind you while the kids sleep is a great way to minimize their time being bored during your road trip. Let the kids get in their pajamas and bring a blanket and pillow to make the journey cozy and relaxing for them. This time, while the kids sleep, gives you a chance to get closer to your destination.

Be prepared for kid issues

Its not a good idea to pack your kids clothes deep under all the other stuff you take on your road trip. Your children might have accidents with sickness or spills between planned stops. It’s a good idea to keep a change of clothes and some items to clean your children when this happens. This means some wipes, towels, and cloths that can help you get the job done. You never know when your kids will get sick or have issues, be prepared.

These tips can help make your family road trip much more enjoyable this summer. Your kids should enjoy the ride and make it easier for you to have a fun-filled family vacation together.

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