Certified Used Cars
Certified is the Way to Go

Certified Used Cars

If you’re willing to spend the money on an excellent used luxury car, you want to make sure you buy one with a warranty to help protect it. That means looking for models that have the certified pre-owned stamp of approval from the manufacturer. Read More

2020 BMW - Excellent Driving at Your BMW Dealer
2020 BMW – Excellent Driving at Your BMW Dealer

One of the most highly respected and sought after brands in the automotive market is the BMW brand. This is the name you’ve known for the active drive and athletic feeling you want at a higher level of quality and driving on the roads in your area. When you want style, driving performance, and a long list of features, the BMW name is what you want. Let the team at your local BMW dealer help you figure out which 2020 BMW model is the right one for you to start driving and get out on the roads today.

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The BMW X1 Gives You More
The BMW X1 Gives You More

As the smallest SUV in the BMW lineup, you’ll be amazed by what the 2019 BMW X1 has for you and your comfort. This SUV gives you two rows and five seats and the ability to have a rear seat that slides to the rear and reclines to make sure your passengers in the back can be more comfortable. Everywhere you look in the cabin of this small SUV, you’re going to find the upscale materials that you admire and love so that you can have the drive that you want to enjoy. Read More

Why Should You Drive the BMW X1
Why Should You Drive the BMW X1?

The 2019 BMW X1 is the smallest SUV in the lineup from this brand. It’s not the roomiest and it certainly isn’t the most powerful. However, this SUV can be the most fun to drive and if you’re looking for a bit of pleasure during your drive, it could be the perfect choice for you on the road. There’s just enough space to call this an SUV and it has the dynamic drive you’ve grown accustomed to from the BMW brand. Let this be the SUV that you choose to enjoy when you head out for the day. Read More