Lemon Series: So Many Complaints


Can you avoid a vehicle that turns into a lemon? You can with our Lemon Series. This week we take a look at vehicles from the 2020 model year that have the largest number of reported complaints. These complaints can certainly span the spectrum from a simple comfort issue to an engine that fails to start when it should. Regardless of the type of complaint, you’re going to want to avoid vehicles at or near the top of this list. Read More

Chrysler Voyager
Should You Buy a Chrysler Voyager?

Chrysler Voyager

Have you admired the Chrysler Pacifica but you don’t want to commit to one of the higher trims of this minivan? If so, the Chrysler Voyager might be exactly what you want to drive.
The Chrysler brand brought back the Voyager name to be part of the minivan lineup and give you the bottom two trims that were part of the Pacifica in the past. If you’re looking for an affordable version of the Pacifica, choose the Voyager and see if it can be the right minivan for your family. Read More

Let the Chrysler Voyager Fit in Your Budget


The drive you need to make with your family can be right when you have a minivan to drive. The Chrysler Voyager can easily be the one you’re looking for. This impressive van is comprised of what used to be the lower trims of the Chrysler Pacifica. If you’re looking for the most affordable minivan offered in the market, you’ll be pleased to see the Voyager which allows you to save money and have a new van for your drive. Enjoy the fresh design, modern technology, and roomy versatile cabin of the Voyager when you’re ready to take a drive. Read More

Chrysler Airflow Vision
New Chrysler Ideas to be Revealed Chrysler Airflow Vision

There will be several new models and notable upgrades to the FCA models. These concepts will be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. This is where we expect to enjoy the announcement of the new plug-in hybrid models. Along with the debut of the North American version of the Fiat Centoventi concept. We also hope o see the new Chrysler Airflow Vision concept, which has a familiar name and a slippery shape for you to admire. This new model has a streamlined and distinctive looking product that reaches back to the 1930s to a model that had the same name.

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