Used Car Buying Guide: Where’s The Best Place to Buy?

Buying a new car is straightforward: you head to the dealership and find the car that you like, talk to the sales team, and get financing. Buying used cars can be a little more complicated because you have some options. A new car dealer has used cars, but there are also used car dealers and online dealers.

With so many ways to buy used cars, how do you know where to shop? Here’s a look at your options to help you decide.

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Super Cruise
Does Your GMC Have Super Cruise?

It’s the future of driving. Letting your vehicle take over most of the responsibilities, from
steering to acceleration and braking. GMC has the Super Cruise system to make your next drive
more convenient with its cutting-edge technology. But does your GMC have it? What models
offer it, and how do you know what vehicles you see at GMC dealers have it? Take a look, we’ll
tell you how you can find out.

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