Automotive Issues that Have Been the Source of Controversy

Whether it’s dinner conversation fodder or its something that has needed to be changed, there are automotive issues that have plagued us for a long time. Some think of old-school driving as being much better than the cars we see today, while others admire the advancements in technology. No matter the issue, you’re probably going to have an opinion and be more than happy to share what your views are when you discuss these topics.

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Chevrolet Volt
The New Chevrolet Volt Looks the Same but Gives You More

For the new 2019 model year, the Chevrolet Volt is ready to give you more for your drive. Are you ready to go farther?
As this hybrid sedan is in the early part of its second generation on the market there aren’t many changes that you can see at first, but that doesn’t prevent it from being the car that you’ll want when you’re looking for an excellent hybrid model to drive. As an attractive car that offers you the style you’ve already admired, this is good news, as is the fact that you’ll have an even better model to enjoy when you drive.

Getting Under the Skin of the Volt

The most notable change to what the Chevrolet Volt will offer comes in the form of the new 7.2 kW charging system that’s offered. This charger makes it possible for the batteries to be recharged in only 2.3 hours when using a 240-volt Level 2 outlet. Compared to the previous charging time of 4.5 hours using the old 3.6 kW system, this is twice as fast, making it easy and convenient for you to have the drive you want. This new system is a standard feature on the top level Volt Premier, but an option for the LT trim.
Another way the new Volt has been upgraded is with the “Low” drive mode of the power management function. This system has been improving the regenerative braking paddle on the steering wheel to give you a smoother ride when the vehicle is slowing down. This is meant to make it more attractive for you to make use of this braking system when you’re driving and add more power back into the electrical system to extend the range. The temperature at which the engine will come on to provide heat in the cabin has also been lowered to make it possible for this car to be even more effective.

Looking at the Outside of the Chevy Volt

A couple of small improvements to the outside of the Volt can be enjoyed for this new model year as well. There’s a new exterior color called Pacific Blue Metallic, and you can choose a black and blue interior color scheme for the look you want. There’s also a new power adjustable driver’s seat with a six-way adjustment that you can choose in this car. This seat is standard on the Premier model and an option for the LT trim.
If you’re looking for a plug-in hybrid sedan that gives you enough EV range for most of your daily driving needs, the Chevy Volt is a great choice. This new version with the improved charging system will be offered in the fall as part of the new 2019 model year lineup, alongside Chevy’s other fuel-efficiency standouts, like the Chevy Sonic and the Bolt EV. Make your way to your nearby Chevrolet dealership and see if this is the car that’s going to give you the quality drive you want to enjoy every day.

Chevrolet Malibu
Your Chevy Vehicle Will Call You Out

Your new Chevy vehicle can now help to prevent you from driving while distracted with the new Call Me Out feature.
When you’re stopped at a light and you see passing traffic, have you ever noticed the number of people either holding their phones to their ear, looking down at a phone, or obviously texting while driving? With the technology we have available to us, even for older model vehicles, there’s no excuse for this. You can spend $20 and have a Bluetooth device that plugs into your cigarette lighter and broadcasts through an open radio station if you want to have connectivity in a vehicle that was built before this technology was added to vehicles.

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