We Might Not See Any More Diesel Models from FCA
We Might Not See Any More Diesel Models from FCA

For many years we’ve trusted diesel as the fuel used for some of the large trucks we drive to help get things done. The benefits of the increase in torque for low-end power that can help give a vehicle more power to haul items is unmistakable and hard to argue with. At some point, automakers decided to try putting diesel engines in small cars and Volkswagen was certainly a leader in this market. The benefits were small vehicles that were much more efficient than the gasoline counterparts and for a long time, we thought these were the right models to drive. Read More

GMC Sierra 1500
GM is Using a Strategy that’s Been Used at FCA

GM will be adopting a common FCA practice when it seeks to offer its 2019 lineup of Chevrolet and GMC trucks and SUVs.
The FCA team took a chance and offered us the previous version of the Jeep Wrangler while also giving us the newest version of the off-road SUV that you love to drive. This ensured an overlap in products and a continued available of both models so that customers could order what they wanted to enjoy rather than simply choosing from the models on the lot. This sales strategy offered an amazing amount of success for the Wrangler and is a strategy that’s going to be used again by FCA and now will also be used by GM.

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