Ford GT Owners Need to Pay Attention


The new Ford GT is the supercar that is built by the brand in small numbers and is the only supercar that requires you to be vetted by the brand before being offered ownership of the car. During this vetting process, potential owners agree to a variety of different conditions to ensure the brand and model value associated with this car. One of those conditions that are agreed to when taking possession of this impressive supercar is the original owner will maintain ownership of this car for at least two years. Why should Ford put such a condition on the sale of the Ford GT? Much the same way other high-end models are sold under condition, of a length of ownership along with other conditions, a model that’s sold in small numbers becomes rare and desired which means itcould be sold at a much higher price to someone else who is willing to pay a greater amount. This is what has happened with one of the GT modelswith a person who has been in the spotlight for many years and should understand the need to maintain brand and model value.

The Ford GT Sale

One of the most famous wrestlers in WWE history and now one of the most recognizable actors is John Cena. He recently purchased a Ford GT after being vetted by the company and approved for the purchase. It was sorecent that he took delivery of the car in September 2017 and then sold the car less than a month later. As a car that is only offered to a select number of people and is limited to those who have been approved, this sale was one that went directly against the agreement Cena made with Ford.

While Cena did admit to flipping the car and using the money to pay for some expenses he had, no retribution has occurred to date. Originally the ex-WWE wrestler agreed to work with Ford to make it right, but that hasn’t occurred. This seems to be a strange situation because John Cena isn’t a person who wouldn’t understand how this agreement was supposed to work. Because of his actions, Ford has taken the case to the US District Court to seek more than $75,000 in damages to the brand and the value of the model.

Not only should John Cena have been well aware of the agreement he signed to keep the car for the agreed upon length of time, but he is also a car collector with over 22 cars in his collection. Oddly enough, one of the cars he owns in this collection is a 2006 Ford GT. He has created a YouTube series called Auto Geeks which features him telling the story behind each one of his cars.

In more upbeat news–there are plenty of wonderful other Ford models on the market that allow for sensible and safe driving. Opt for the Ford Focus or the Fusion for family-style sedans, or the Ford Edge or Explorer for a larger SUV.