Sensible Purist Fun From the Model A Ford to the Honda Accord

Attention driving purists, you can still go back in time a bit to find the pure, unadulterated ride you want with the latest Honda Accord.
When you think of driving purists and what they want in a car, you almost expect to look all the way back to the early days of the car of the Model A Ford and the wooden spoked wheels that make it so recognizable. For the most part, the purists among us and those of us who want to experience the fun and active driving of a car that allows us to do the shifting ourselves are simply looking for a manual transmission for the car we want to drive.
Unfortunately, most of the market has turned away from the traditional manual transmission and the ability to row your own gears. This is especially true in a midsize sedan where the space is limited and having a stick shift in the floor only takes up space that could be used for storing a cell phone or other items. Thankfully, there is still one model that enters the 2018 model year to give us a manual transmission in the midsize sedan segment to make those of us that want to be or are purists of driving, smile a bit at what we can use for the drive.

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