Best SUVS of 2022
Most Affordable Small SUVs of 2022

SUVs are easily the most popular vehicles on the road today. They come in every shape and size and meet every kind of need out there. At the same time, not everyone is looking for a big ride, and not everyone can afford the most luxurious models.

Luckily, there are plenty of small crossover SUVs that offer all of the perks of this popular vehicle type but come at a super attractive price tag. Read More

Compact Honda Counterparts Compared
Compact Honda Counterparts Compared

In previous decades, we saw counterparts of cars from Ford and GM in large numbers. These models usually came to use with the same basic build and features while being advertised and branded under different brands. Today, we see counterparts in the form of compact Honda crossover SUVs that are built on the same platforms as the cars from many brands. A pair from Honda that shares a platform is the Honda Fit and Honda HR-V. These two models use the same basic underpinnings but have several differences. Let’s take a look at the similarities and the differences between these two models.

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