Lemon Series: So Many Complaints


Can you avoid a vehicle that turns into a lemon? You can with our Lemon Series. This week we take a look at vehicles from the 2020 model year that have the largest number of reported complaints. These complaints can certainly span the spectrum from a simple comfort issue to an engine that fails to start when it should. Regardless of the type of complaint, you’re going to want to avoid vehicles at or near the top of this list. Read More

Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid (1)
Going Hybrid or Electric with Hyundai

We’re seeing impressive growth in the number of hybrid and electric vehicles on the market. In the past, most of the hybrid models were simply another version of the vehicles we already knew, but now we have some models being built strictly as hybrid or electric vehicles for the drive. One such model is the Hyundai Ioniq hybrid which could be the right vehicle for you. Whether you look at it as a large hatchback or small SUV, the Ioniq is an impressive vehicle that can offer you savings on fuel during your drive. Read More