Super Cruise
Does Your GMC Have Super Cruise?

It’s the future of driving. Letting your vehicle take over most of the responsibilities, from
steering to acceleration and braking. GMC has the Super Cruise system to make your next drive
more convenient with its cutting-edge technology. But does your GMC have it? What models
offer it, and how do you know what vehicles you see at GMC dealers have it? Take a look, we’ll
tell you how you can find out.

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2024 Avante, Korean Version of the Hyundai Elantra, Gets a Fresh Facelift

The Korean version of the Hyundai Elantra — the Hyundai Avante —gets a refreshing redesign
as detailed in the new gallery release issued by the automaker earlier this month. At first glance,
the Avante touts familiar features of the Elantra, but there are plenty of enhancements, tune-
ups, and touch-ups that distinguish the Avante as a respectably built sedan. Designed
specifically for Korean markets, you won’t find this redesign offered at your local Hyundai dealer
anytime soon. However, the 2024 US Elantra models will likely offer many of these same great

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Do you know your lemon law_
Lemon Series: Do You Know About Lemon Law?

Do you know your lemon law_

Did you buy a lemon? Do you know what the Lemon Law is in your state? Do you know what a lemon is? A lemon, as it refers to vehicles, is a model you buy that has something that doesn’t seem to be right at all. Every state has its own Lemon Law to protect consumers from a valid defect, but you have to follow certain processes to take any action, especially if you’re dealing with a used vehicle. Read More