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Top 3 Used Work Trucks

Prices for used cars are going down across the board. If you need a new work truck, chances are you can find a pretty good deal on the used market. Work trucks are typically full-size trucks like the Ford F-150, as these are the most popular trucks out there. Full-size trucks offer a nice balance of ability and comfort, and if you go far enough back, there are some affordable models to consider as well. Read More

Used Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Model
Find Some Excellent Discounts on Pickup Trucks

Used Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Model

What happens when an automaker moves to a new generation of a vehicle? Typically, this is when we see the end of a generation and the few remaining models on the lot in the area will be sold at a heavy discount.
Today, we see the American automakers doing something different. Both FCA and GM have kept previous generation models of their trucks and some SUVs rolling off the line as the new models begin to arrive at dealer locations to offer us a pair of different choices to make when shopping. This has created more interest and some amazing discounts on the vehicle you want to put to work. Here are some of the best discounts you can find today. Read More

Ram 1500
Big Power in Ram Trucks

When you need to get a lot of work done and you need a truck to help you get the job done, you’ll want to choose a used Ram truck to make it happen.
These trucks are built with the capability and power you need to haul the heavy load, carry a lot of gear, take the team to the jobsite, and make sure you can get things done. These Ram trucks are ready for you, the only question left is whether or not you’re ready for them.

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GMC Sierra 1500
GM is Using a Strategy that’s Been Used at FCA

GM will be adopting a common FCA practice when it seeks to offer its 2019 lineup of Chevrolet and GMC trucks and SUVs.
The FCA team took a chance and offered us the previous version of the Jeep Wrangler while also giving us the newest version of the off-road SUV that you love to drive. This ensured an overlap in products and a continued available of both models so that customers could order what they wanted to enjoy rather than simply choosing from the models on the lot. This sales strategy offered an amazing amount of success for the Wrangler and is a strategy that’s going to be used again by FCA and now will also be used by GM.

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The Toughness of the New Ram 1500
The Toughness of the New Ram 1500

The 2019 model year will usher in a new era for trucks with a complete redesign to the Ram 1500 that can become the right truck for you to have the drive you’re looking for. This truck has been rebuilt to be offered with a new look and 225 pounds lighter than in the past. The old cross-hair grill is gone in favor of a tougher look up front that will give us a new Ram logo in the grill area to make sure you have the view you want to enjoy on the road. Read More