Hyundai EV Maintenance Workshop
Hyundai Seeks Top EV Branding Through Global EV Maintenance Workshop

The Hyundai Motor Company just took a huge step in ensuring that your local Hyundai dealer is ready for the maintenance demands of the evolving popularity of electric vehicles. The company held an EV Tech Lab in Seoul (June 28 to July 6) designed to brand Hyundai as the top EV maker. This effort should come as no surprise to EV enthusiasts, as Hyundai has been making some waves in the electric world.

EV Maintenance

Even though traditional gas-powered vehicles have seen a number of updates over the years, mechanics have been able to easily meet the demand for service. Electric vehicles are a completely different system that might make many mechanics feel outdated or ill-equipped.

The EV Tech Lab includes interactive courses based on actual cases and needs. Participants were able to visit several key Hyundai sites, including the Uslan plan, Motorstudio, and more. The courses were led by experts from the Hyundai Motor Company and instructed key maintenance professionals from multiple countries across the world.

Building A Better Brand

As more drivers move towards electric vehicles, having the right kind of maintenance programs in place is key. While many manufacturers are jumping into the EV game, the ones that can offer the most comprehensive service and maintenance programs will stand out on top. Hyundai wants to get a jump on the game and become the authoritative name in the EV service industry.

Hyundai doesn’t just want to be known as the premier EV manufacturer worldwide; it also wants to equip its entire team to meet the demands of the electric future. That means updating certification training for mechanics at regional and local Hyundai dealer locations.

Leading the EV Market

While everyone seems to be offering EVs these days, Hyundai is taking a solid part of the market share with a full line-up of hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric options. One of the most exciting additions to Hyundai dealer locations is the new Ioniq 5. This EV is pushing the boundaries to what’s possible and looks good doing it. More importantly, the Ioniq nameplate is going to have several brand new vehicles hit the road in the coming years.

Hyundai has some work to do if it wants to catch the name-recognition of EV automakers like Tesla, but it’s certainly taking all of the right steps. Taking on the role of teaching and training others on EV service and maintenance, Hyundai is showing itself as a true contender for EV king of the road.

If you’re interested to see what kind of innovative technologies are coming to the road, stop by your local Hyundai dealer. The future is bright, and Hyundai wants to lead the way.

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