A Tuner Takes the Honda Civic Type R Over the Top
A Tuner Takes the Honda Civic Type R Over the Top

During the Tokyo Auto Salon, a lot of wild and amazing vehicles are revealed to give us a look at the Japanese imagination brought to life. This is a show where we see a variety of amazing cars that might not make it to production, but certainly, allow us to wonder about what these vehicles could be if they were to be offered publicly. Among the models offered is a new Mugen Honda Civic Type R RC20 GT, which is a mouthful to say, but looks like it could be a lot of fun to drive. Read More

Honda Civic Type R
The Honda Civic is Seriously Fast

While the basic version of the Honda Civic might not be a car you would consider fast, when you move up the lineup to the Type R model, you’ve found some speed that can’t be denied.
This car is one that has become a unique hot hatch for us to enjoy the drive on the road and take to the track on the weekends. We already know this car to be a fast car to drive, but Honda is out to prove just how fast it can be with a tour.

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