Lemons are sweet, they can add just the right amount of tang to your favorite beverage. However, in the car world, a lemon is a very bad thing… It can be anything from really unreliable cars to just downright ugly cars.

The Lemon Series here on Automotivize has all of that. We discuss some of the worst cars on the road, some of the ugliest, and sometimes it’s the car we make into a lemon. While we enjoy trash-talking some of the worst cars on the road, that’s not all the Lemon Series is here for. It is also buying advice. We think it’s important to showcase both the good and the bad about all cars to make sure you have all the information you need when shopping for a new car.
From this series you can expect to read stories all about:
  • Unreliable cars
  • junky cars
  • ugly cars
  • modded cars
  • Bad deals
  • Recalls
  • Buying advice
  • And much much more

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